Call for Hacks

We solicit hackathon project proposals that advance the state of NDN. Participants will have approximately 12 hours to work on their projects.

We encourage projects that:

  • directly address NDN research needs,
  • create new NDN tools or modify existing tools,
  • create or improve documentation and how-to guides.

Remote participation!

If you have a project in mind, please follow the submission instructions below.

We will send out a video conference link before the hackathon. With that, the remote participants will:

  • watch the project pitches,
  • pitch projects,
  • present projects.

We will create a slack channel for communication.

Submission instructions

Proposals should be submitted via web form.

The submissions should include:

  • 1 PDF slide, listing the project leader(s) and summarizing the problem, contribution, tasks, required knowledge, and expected outcome

All submitted proposals will be reviewed by the Hacking Committee. If accepted, the project leader is expected to give a 1 minute “pitch” presentation in the beginning of the Hackathon, soliciting participation from the hackathon attendees.

Projects will be judged by a panel for the “Best of Hackathon” prize. We hope that the hackathon will be a fun event for all and that projects will lead to collaborations extending beyond the Hackathon.

Additional information

How open-ended should proposals be?

Ideally, project proposals should include room for discussion and cooperative design during the hackathon, but may be entirely planned in advance (e.g. a new NFD feature). We ask that proposals avoid larger projects that are completely open to design. The significance of the contribution is more important than its “spectacle”.

Who will work on the projects?

Hackathon projects will be developed by small teams (<8) and should be able to show measurable progress after two days. Participants will be encouraged to regroup and refresh overnight. The hackathon welcomes all interested participants, regardless of NDN experience, so we are seeking projects that are suitable for experienced NDN developers, as well as those approachable by newcomers. For example, a project could be composed of tasks requiring various levels of skill or, alternatively, be specifically targeted to a specific level of skill.

What languages, libraries, etc. are allowed?

Project proposals should declare the expected programming languages, libraries, platform requirements, and so forth. For new projects, we ask you to consider how the specifics, such as language choice, may impact the proposal’s ability to attract participants. The hackathon organizers will provide proposal feedback and assistance to ensure projects have a concrete path to implementation.

If I propose a project, do I have to go to the Hackathon?

Proposals must specify one or more representatives who will attend the hackathon to pitch their idea and guide its development over the duration of the hackathon (hacking optional). Representatives will have 1 minutes to present their idea to attendees at the start of the hackathon. The pitch should emphasize the project’s motivation and use cases.